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henry + ming // henry's qt girlfriend
PART 2: The appeal

So, you know a little bit about this guy now? So why do fangirls worldwide go nuts for this guy? A common debate amongst Sungmin fans is whether they prefer his cute, flower boy side or recently, his really ~manly~ side. I am a firm believer that you can appreciate both ;D. He's the whole package! For any anime/manga fans, think of him as a real-life version of Honey-sempai from Ouran High School Host Club, martial arts bad-assery included. Though the aegyo image was probably constructed and exaggurated for "image" purposes, I do think there must be some element of cute which is apart of his normal personality.

In this video they're on a radio show and Heechul talks about how ridiculously cute Sungmin is (his "foxy eyes" xD) and how he acts cute when he's drunk (and Heechul slaps him xD). He still has his pink hair in here too :3

He's making kissy faces at the camera~ Look at that smile! He's like a little boy dljsakdsaljsdal;;

Pink is his favourite colour \o/. But what he says is right, it shouldn't matter if you're a guy or a girl. BUT HOW CUTE IS HE BUNDLED UP IN PINK. Even I don't have that much pink but I wish I did ;____;.

Obligatory noona-fan video.This is how Sungmin acts around older women. Leeteuk and Kangin imitate him (and he's there in the background with a "hahaha very funny I'mma cut you at home" smile 8D).

He's playing with a kitten (in the midst of shooting for something?). He's just so cute.

The infamous "Noona, I'm hungry". I'LL FEED YOU TOO SUNGMIN.

CUTE PICSPAM (in the form of links because I don't what to be responsible for your internet bills going overboard xD):
- Sungmin with Shindong and a cute little girl
- SS3 in Guangzhou, he was cuddling up with Heechul to stay away from the cold :3
- SANTA MING! - I want to be a dog ;____;
- *hearts*
- I have no idea where this is from but omg
- so precious ;____;

And now for his ~manly~ sexy side...

No hyperlinking because I believe this needs to be shown xD. Sungmin really brought sexy back for the 4th album promotions. LOOK AT THOSE ABS ,DJSAJDKSADJKKLAKLA. You can imagine most people were like LKDFKLADJFA WHERE'D AEGYO BOY GO (NOT THAT I'M COMPLAINING)!? Them abs can't be photoshopped.

BONUS PHOTO. He posted it on his twitter before he deleted it. I would like to point out his gorgeous neck and hands.

This is a performance of "Boom boom" + "Bonamana" from the 4th album. Just look at him go *____*. They're all oozing charisma, but Sungmin just really... lsjdsakldaldlsa incoherency. I don't really think much when Sungmin is like this, I just sort of flail and try to remember to breathe xD.

Sungmin dancing to sexyback
(can't embed, it's a video on tumblr)

Look at that little smirk :| I'm sure we'd all flip out if he danced with us like that xD.

- Okay idk whether this should go in cute or sexy but hey whatever.
- sorry sorry I'll be a good girl D:
- please wear tank tops forever kthx
- I'm never gonna get over his solo srsly
- guyliner and pouty lips :3
- See, all the pics I gather aren't just his solo
- ... Well, maybe they are.
- Like a boss

A generous and humble heart

Okay okay, enough being shallow, this is why us fans really, really appreciate Sungmin. He's not all just cuteness and abs, he is a really amazing person.

Super Junior's Sungmin donates 1.5 tonnes of rice

"Sungmin’s active participation in volunteer work is due to his parents' influence. In 2009, in conjunction with the Green Coalition, Sungmin’s father donated the administrative procedure fees for Sendbill (the name of Sungmin’s father’s company), which deals with electronic tax invoices, to the Green Coalition administration, and Sungmin’s mother had been quietly volunteering in the past 20 years. Sungmin’s father sent the 1.5 tonnes of rice from fans to where it is needed. Residents who received it said, “We’re thanking Sungmin’s fans with tears, we don’t really know how to explain these feelings we are experiencing. Through the drama “President”, something good will come out of the fans’ actions.”

His parents have brought him up well, since he helped out his mum with volunteer work as well. He's not just beautiful on the outside, but on the inside too :). Apparently he's been donating at that place for the last few years. He doesn't just do it because he's a celebrity. He also doesn't like receiving expensive designer items from fans, but he'd rather you keep the money to buy stuff for your parents or for school. He's returned cameras and laptops to fansites, he's so humble~.

In an interview...

Epop: In a poll previously, Leader Leeteuk gotten first for the “Best Leadership”. In SJ, what kind of position/ post do you all hold?

SJ: Leeteuk hyung will listen to our suggestion well and not to demand or order us. As for other members… Hmm.. Sungmin is like a mother, because he will help us massage often, and when members are sick, he will take care of us well, and sometimes even aegyo! Haha.. As for the role of father, should be Donghae. Because he will listen to members’ stories and troubles well, and is always worrying about us.

Translated by: minoko2440 @ sapphirepearls.com

Sungmin being protective (not allowed to embed again ;____; lol probably better that way. it's a video with english subs)

This was a show where they set up Sungmin. He had to get 3 autographs but some of the girls started attacking the other girl. Sungmin got all protective and yelled at them to leave her alone :). But it was set up so the girls were just acting, I think.

This was a show where Kyuhyun and Sungmin went to be carers for disabled children for a day to give their parents a rest. They were daddies for the day and had to bathe and play with the children. Sungmin comments (I think towards the end) that he wants to get married and have children himself. He's really good with kids and he helped Kyuhyun a lot too :).

Sungmin and Donghae did an ad for a blood donation campaign :). To be honest, I'm not actually sure whether Sungmin is able to give blood (he's anemic, although he may be stronger now) but it's for a good cause :).

I can't find the link but Sungmin is also one of the members of SuJu who hasn't had any plastic surgery. It's pretty common amongst idols in Korea but Sungmin hasn't given in. He's so gorgeous naturally, yes :D He looks exactly the same as he did when he was younger, the man doesn't age >____>. For more proof of his inability to age, I'd like to direct you here.

Sungmin is also a talented masseuse! All the members say that when their backs creak and they feel sore, Sungmin is willing to massage them :D. Heechul + Leeteuk are probably the members who ask him the most.

(Or just an excuse to spam more videos and linkage.)

This is a really random one, but in the sorry sorry promos, did you all see the sweep thing he did with his shoes during the "dan-dan-dan-da-dan-dan" parts? I always thought it was real cute xD. In most performances, it's around 1:20-ish depending whether they do the remixed intro or not. It's after Sungmin sings his part and the following chorus. Sorry for the crappy screenshot.

Intimate Note was a variety show that a few of the member were on in 2009, after Sorry sorry was released~. Sungmin was one of the stars of the show, with fellow bandmate Kangin. Of course, this is super junior and the show was ridiculously hilarious. It involves Kangin spraying Coke all over Sungmin and Sungmin laughing so much that he can't do anything XD. The video isn't the whole episode, just that part, but you can find subbed parts on youtube.

This is...  the "evolution of min". A bit of a timeline :D. He hasn't changed at all! If you've been in the k-pop fandom for a while, you'll know that you can identify when a photo was taken by whatever haircut the idol has. This doesn't have all of his crazy dyes and styles, but it's a decent amount of them. Click for larger. Credit to sungminnbiased.

Sungmin and Yesung played with bubbles on Star King. Of course, Sungmin is amazing and can blow bubbles inside bubbles better than anyone yo.

A random video tribute to Sungmin... many lulzy moments included!

A cute "U" fancam from SMTown LA in 2010! See how he interacts with the fans?

SUNGMIN CAN MOONWALK JUST AS WELL AS EUNHYUK! It's amazing O___o. It's around 2:22 in the video.

A cute "starcall" from Donghae and Sungmin for Valentines day. I think they're like, some thing where you pay and dial a number and you get a pre-recorded call from an idol back? idk, either way, he talks about the amount of chocolate (or lackof, apparently, i don't believe him because he knows like 8423048902 noonas) and his eyes are just huge O_____O.


There are lots and lots of pairings in the Super junior fandom! If this is your first k-pop fandom/Asian fandom, there's a lot of boyxboy love in here, but that depends on how you interpret it, from just brotherly love to romantic contexts. These are some of the more common pairings you'll encounter that Sungmin is in. Pairing names are a portmanteau of the two people's names (and sometimes the pairing names are different).

Kyumin (Kyuhyun x Sungmin)
- Kyuhyun and Sungmin have been room-mates essentially since Kyuhyun joined the group! They do all sorts of fancy wine tasting sessions together and bug each other. I can probably point you in the direction of a KyuMin pimp post here >>>.

Minwook (Sungmin x Ryeowook)
- The two aegyo boys of Super Junior. They've grown particularly close in 2010 during bonamana + no other promotions.

Hyukmin (Eunhyuk x Sungmin)
- They've been best buds since their trainee days :D. They're really close.

Minyoung (Sungmin x Sooyoung from Girls' Generation)
- Sungmin and Sooyoung hosted a radio show called Chunji back in 2007. All sorts of crazy weird things happened with those two together XD.

Sunsun (Sungmin x Sunny from Girls' Generation)
- Sunny eventually replaced Sooyoung on radio due to a schedule conflict and was Sungmin's co-DJ. They're the aegyo couple, those two are two peas in a pod!

I've also seen a bit of Kangmin, ShiMin, YeMin + HaeMin but I don't know as much about those pairings. Kyumin is probably one of the most popular pairings in the fandom (and my OTP lol), up with KangTeuk, Yewook and EunHae, so you'll see it a lot. There is also a few OT3s - OTLee (The 'Lee' brothers - Sungmin, Donghae + Eunhyuk) as well as Qmimin (Kyuhyun, Zhou Mi + Sungmin).


Fanfiction is a part of any good fandom, and Super Junior thrives on the millions of pairings possible (I'm serious, it's infinite O___o). It's interesting to see how different authors interpret Sungmin's personality imo, so I've linked a few of my favourite fics  (some may have more mature themes). I'm sorry, a lot of the fics are Kyumin.

The 12 stages of loss
/ by carousel_captor / PG / Sungmin x Everyone / angst :(
Claw Machine / by chiyosjlove / PG / Kyumin / Fluff
Safe / by halomaschine / PG / Kyumin / Fluff
Naran saram/someone like me / by halomaschine / PG-13+ / Kyumin (girl!Sungmin) / romance, angst
Just to get high / by draecia / PG-13 / Kyumin / Angst, dark
The boys are too refined / by grisclair / PG-13+ / Kyumin, Qmimin / fashion supermodel AU
Afterglow / by veezhi / PG / Kyumin / romance, fluff, slight angst
The New World / by dokutoku_ai / PG-13 / Qmimin + variations / angst, fluff
This is why Qmimin are not ____
/ by amillionsheep / PG 13 / Qmimin / humour
Yellow plastic happiness / by black_goose / PG / Shimin / fluff, romance
Easy to find, hard to keep / by bittersnow / PG-13 / Shimin / I'm not really sure on genre D:
Lights camera action / by black_goose / PG / Shimin / romance, fluff!

Why I love him (and you should too!)

Sungmin is a remarkably awesome person. I don't know, it's not exactly something you can put into words. I really admire him (you gotta be hella crazy to go through SM training for so many years and make it out) and he is so ~passionate~ in everything he does. He is a BAMF and damn straight the earth needs more people like him wandering around and making our lives much more interesting.

Links Out/Credits

- SJ-World Forums
- PerMINent forums (Sungmin dedicated)
- His Wikipedia article (because awesome people always have a wiki article)
- Miracle - SuJu fanfic LJ community
- Super Junior's official website
- Minnie a day LJ community
- Ming a day LJ community
- Ayumin @ Tumblr (a tumblr dedicated to Sungmin!)

Thank you very much for reading and I hope you learnt something~

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as one sungmin stan to another, I HEARTILY APPROVE! you gave all the right reasons to love sungmin (aslkdfjas but if you don't, there's something wrong with you >:( ) and more! thank you for making this post/these posts and hopefully spreading the ming love ;~;

/glomps you with a sungmin hug! laskdflj he looks like he'd give the best hugs :(

Thank you!! ♥ I probably need to promote this post a bit more, I don't think I've reached all of the audiences I could have ;____;. I had a lot of fun making it and fangirling along the way~

HE WOULD SO GIVE THE BEST HUGS! ♥ /glomptacklehugs back.

I can probably point you in the direction of a KyuMin pimp post here >>>.


and omg that min gif at the end
just kill me sob

Sungmin is AWESOME! Thank you for all the fun facts and videos! (i'm a little late to the party so some are gone, but i still love them all!)

And I want that GIF at the end! haha, i want a hug from him!

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