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a daydreamer's diary

fangirling, rambles, and art on the side

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henry + ming // henry's qt girlfriend
NOTE: some parts still in progress :D


Okay firstly, I feel ridiculously stalkerish and self-conscious gushing over Sungmin, so please don't mind me. I'm a simple teenage girl who simply loves and adores Lee Sungmin. I've decided to do this because i have the time and I want to share one of the causes of happiness in my life :) (and worldvidz  provided an awesome opportunity to do so!)

Secondly, I've only been in the fandom for about a year or so, so even though I'm going to try and research thoroughly, I might have facts wrong and be generally confused about some things. You're welcome to point me in the right direction! After starting to compile facts, I realize how much I don't actually know =___=.

Thirdly, please feel free to comment and/or spread the Sungmin love, or even contribute more stuff I can add in! ♥

Oh and for extra reading, I'd like to direct you to grisclair's Lee Sungmin, a primer.


A lot of people say that they don't notice Sungmin or he doesn't immediately hit a note with them when they first discover Super Junior. I'm guilty (although I discovered SJ-M first). But then a lot of people grow to love him because they appreciate what he does for the group, and see that this boy truly is the jack of all trades! :D So this is my little pimp post for him, and I've divided it into parts for the sake of your bandwidth XD.


PART 1: About Sungmin

(Not so) Basic Stats (most of which stolen from his Wikipedia article)

Name: Lee Sungmin. In hangul: ???, hanja: ???, Japanese: ? ????. It can be romanized as Seongmin too. In Korea, family name comes first, so he's from the Lee family :D
Pronunciation: The first syllable is pronounced as in the English word "sung." The second syllable is pronounced as in the English word "mean."
Name Meaning:
--> First Character: bright, light; prosperous, flourishing; exulted, admired, adored
--> Second Character:
quick, agile, shrewd; clever, intelligent; respectful; hard-working
--> As A Whole:
"Bright and agile." What a pretty name.
[name pronunciation + meaning taken from this absolutely amazing post]
Nicknames: Min, Ming (given by Sooyoung, his fellow radio DJ on Chunji), Pumpkin (danhobak), aegyo boy/prince/insert variation here, pink prince, and the list is probably endless.
Birthday: January 1st, 1986 (so in 2011, he will be 25). In Korea, they count ages a little differently, so people may refer to him as being 26 in 2011 (you're counted as being 1 year the year you are born).
Born in: Ilsan district of Goyang, Gyeonggi, South Korea, Asia, Northern Hemisphere, Planet Earth, Milky Way Galaxy.
Height/weight: 175 cm (roughly 5' 8"), 57 kg (125.4 lbs according to my converter). This may or may not be true, it's on the official website (and everyone loves fudging the numbers). But for most part, it seems pretty accurate for his build. He's one of the shorter members (5th from the left) in SuJu (but he still seems pretty tall to me lol).
Discovered: In 2001, he entered the SM Youth Best Contest and won "Best Outward Appearance" (lololol trust) and he began professional training in acting, singing and dancing under the Korean entertainment company, SM Entertainment. Roughly speaking, that's probably about 4 years of training before he debuted under Super Junior05. He was placed in a project R&B group for some time with fellow SuJu member Eunhyuk and DBSK's Xiah, but was later grouped with 11 other trainees for the first rotation of Super Junior05. SuJu was later made a permanent group, which is awesome because Min is always gonna be in SuJu :D
Family: He has a younger brother, Sungjin, who is currently serving his mandatory military service. They have the same eyes! I'm not sure how old he is, I'm guessing maybe 21-22? He also had two cats, Hyaku and Sen but he had to give them away because someone in the dorms is allergic :(. Poor bb was so sad. Heechul kept his cats though, so idk >___>. His dad is a business man, who is head/CEO (I think) of Sendbill (Min even did an ad for his dad!) and I'm not sure what his mum does, but she has done a lot of charity work. This is where he gets his good looks from, hahaha.
Lives: In the SuJu dorms, on the lower level with Kyuhyun, Ryeowook and Eunhyuk. Living arrangements may have changed since (I think they have), but this is what they said on Intimate Note in 2009.
Website: Super Junior Official Site, Cyworld, and the boy used to have a twitter but deleted it ;____; He's really cute when he posts on his sites, he chooses really cute skins and ornaments.
Subgroups: He's in Super Junior T, Super Junior H and is totally an honourary member of Super Junior K.R.Y (he sings at their concerts :D). Most people group him as one of the stronger singers (with Kyuhyun, Yesung and Ryeowook), and as one of the lead dancers (with Eunhyuk, Donghae, Shindong, Hangeng and maybe now Kyuhyun). This boy can do it all!
Fanclub: Super Junior's official fanclub are E.L.F (everlasting friends) but Sungmin doesn't have a collective name for his own fans, at least in Korea. International Sungmin fans can call themselves "VitaMINs" (first coined by the forum PerMINent).
Languages: Besides Korean, he can speak good Japanese. He can read and write it too, since sometimes he posts things in his cyworld in Japanese. I think he has an okay understanding of English (0:12) too, and should probably be able to carry a conversation should you meet him.
Favourite colour: Pink! He doesn't wear it so often now but he's absolutely adorable in it :<
Favourite food: Hamburgers, pumpkins. He is also pretty hardcore about wine, he's been seen to be studying it during oppa band and his dorm room is lined with bottles.
Voice type: According to the SuJu wikipedia article, he's a tenor. According to me, he sounds like an angel.
Instruments: He can play piano, guitar, saxophone and he sings (well duh).
Sports: He's an accomplished martial artist, studying since he was young and he has a killer back kick :O. He's also a pretty athletic guy, he was in the SMTown team for the Chuseok Sports day and guest starred in Dream Team (and did pretty well.
Signature: He has the cutest signature ever for a man imo, with the cute little stars and stuff (his signature is in the centre).
Personality: Generally speaking, Sungmin is quite reserved in comparison to most of the members, and they've said that he acts different on and off camera. He's a very compassionate person and hard working, he's always promising to work harder to develop his skills in singing and acting. He's very gentle around women (he comes in at 1:03, Jungmo yells at them to "STOP FLIRTING" XD) but you can see that he's a really sincere person. Of course, he gets all hyped up and crazy when he's around the other members and he can be just as insane as them, but he doesn't let the fame get to him and is probably the kind of guy you'd could bring home to your parents without fear of them pulling out the shotguns xD. Of course, I'm no expert about personalities and it's pretty hard to judge since everyone acts a bit different when they're in the public eye. But lots of fanaccounts seem to agree that he really is a nice person :D.


Now we all know that Sungmin is talented in many, many fields. He's probably Super Junior's most versatile member. First and foremost, Sungmin is a singer :D So I've tried my best to compile an audiospam of moments where he shines.

This is the solo Sungmin performed during SuJu's Super Show 2. The song is 4MEN's "Baby, baby". I think this performance really showcases the true extent of his singing ability, since he never really gets to sing like this in any of the SuJu albums, not even the ballads (they leave most of the strong, pretty notes to KRY). But he can still hold is own :D

When members are missing, Sungmin is always ready to take on their lines :D this is a compilation of Sungmin singing Kyuhyun's line in Bonamana, "how to keep loving you" :O The last performance also shows that he covered Kyuhyun's sliding part too ;D

This is Sungmin singing a song called "Creep" (lol) during oppa band :D. Apparently the song's in english (I'm sorry Ming, it took me forever to realize you were singing in english ;____; his pronunciation is a bit... yeah) but this is totally how he'd rock it if Suju were an actual band. Also, note the pink guitar!

Sungmin's Diary - Singing cuts
Sungmin - Just When I needed you most
Sungmin - I love you

Links to 3 random singing cuts :D I like it when he sings with the calmer, sweeter voice, it's sort of like a lullaby you could listen to as you go to sleep~

This is a live performance of Super Junior's "What If" (KRY + Sungmin) from the 3rd album at their Premium Live Japan 2009. It's one of my favourite songs and I really like to see him hit the notes live :D He comes in around 1:49.

This video is just a slideshow + audio, but the song was sung for a drama OST and Sungmin collaborated with CSJH's Dana and Lina. It's called "Someone special" and is definitely one of my favourite songs. I don't know how to comment on songs like this without going JFLSJFLAKSN,;'DSGMA HE'S SO CUUUUTE SING ME TO SLEEP. I'll spare you considering you've made it this far xD.

Other noteworthy songs that Sungmin has sung in are "Angel" (haru OST, 1:23), "In my dream" (4th album, he comes in at 0:30), and HIT (another drama OST, 1:27). He doesn't get many lines but he rocks them nonetheless.

And just another video of Sungmin playing guitar because I can... This was Ryeowook's solo, "One fine spring day" from the 4th album. Being a good hyung, Sungmin offered to backup Ryeowook in his performance :D

Sungmin also has participated in a few musicals! It's a little harder to get good fancams of these (you're probably not supposed to use cameras in theatre xD). In 2009, Sungmin played the lead character, Ro in "Akilla", who is a peaceful and gentle character but he'll fight for his friends :D. I'm not entirely sure what the musical is about, and it's got some pretty fancy costuming, but Sungmin did well :D.

In 2010, Sungmin participated in the musical "Hong Gil Dong" which is apparently an adapted version of Robin Hood. He played the main character (alternating with fellow SuJu member Yesung).

Dancing Min~

Now, Sungmin is not only one of the strongest singers, he knows how to rock the dance floor. Like, really. He brings the sexy back~

I'M SORRY I HAD TO POST THIS FIRST IT WAS SO AWESOME >///////<. Sungmin's solo for Super Show 3 was a dance number, to "If you leave" (or is it "if you believe"? they say that in the song, anyway). Now you want to know why fangirls worldwide freaked out?! Watch him strip onstage and move them hips~. This first one is from Guangzhou show (25/12/10) and I like it because of his suit jacket + hairstyle. The other video is where he... uh, strips... more. I'm not a perverse fangirl, I'm not.

(The actual fancam starts around 0:53 for this vid ^) Ohohohohoho. I'd provide more fancams but a lot of them have ridiculously loud fangirl squeals. Not that I blame them. Lol don't watch if your parents are over your shoulder, they'll get weird ideas about these Korean boybands xD.

Sungmin has also been on quite a few dance battles! This one is from 2009, where they danced to SNSD's song "Genie/Tell me your wish". Doesn't he look suave in the marine outfit? Hehe. He does the dance really well and it's a pretty entertaining performance. Watch him sway those hips when he does the abracadabra dance ;D (2:00). 

100302 STAR KING ~sexy dance~ CUTS
(it won't let me embed the video, nuuuu D:)

This is a cut of Sungmin on the variety show "Star king" and oh god just watch him sway those hips. Before he actually starts dancing, you'll get to see him perform some martial arts, where he does his usual stick-twirling thing. The poledancing starts at about 2:23. It's not real-real pole dancing but oh god imagine if it was /shot for being perverse.

Sungmin also has a talent for girl group songs (if you haven't figured that out from the genie performance). The first performance is a quick clip of his rendition of T-ara's "Bo Peep Bo Peep" and the second is a performance for the 2009 gayo daejun with SHINee (Sungmin's wearing the short blonde wig like SNSD's Jessica and the dark green jeans). He's a veteran at this kind of stuff, lol.

Other talents

Sungmin is also talented in many other fields, to the point of ridiculousness =3=.

The current thing all Sungmin fangirls are going nuts over is his acting stint in the KBS drama "President". He plays the president's son, Jang Sungmin (lol how fitting) who is a bit of a sorry chap. He tries to do things to help out his father's campaign but most of them end up backfiring. This cut is from episode 4, where he argues with his dad whilst drunk :( It's so sad and you just want to squish him and cuddle him and take care of him ;______;

[insert video here]

Sungmin has also done other acting stints! My favourite is where he acted with DBSK's Micky Yoochun in "Finding Lost Time", a short little thing where he played Micky's best friend.

Another noteworthy and crack-ish acting stint Sungmin has done was the horror movie VCR for Super Junior KRY's Fukuoka concert. He played a spoon ghost. Just... just watch it yourself and cripple over in laughter.

Sungmin can also toss pizza like a pro. This video is obligatory to any Sungmin pimp post. I seriously have no idea how he does it. He literally tosses it over his back and over his head and catches it.

Also obligatory to any Min pimp post is a martial arts video. This one shows his usual stick-twirling thing as well as using nunchucks, and he ends up dropping the microphone receiver xD. Actual stick twirling starts at 0:40, but it's cute to see him talk and the stylist noona did a good job ;D He's like all 8D before he does it and when he does it he's like >:| but then he goes back to like 8D. He would look so cute while he owns your ass XD.

Sungmin also gets thrown into cross-dressing girl groups quite often :D This cut is from Intimate Note in 2009 where the other members had to dress up Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Kangin and Heechul. Sungmin rocks the schoolgirl look XD. Alternative video here, from the SS2 concert DVD (Sungmin is Sunny, his shirt says "Mingsunny").

Part 2 (The appeal) >>

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Thank you!! I had a lot of fun making it 8D

<3 <3 how is it that some can't see how awesome sungmin is?!

I have no idea ;____; I shouldn't have to even need to make a pimp post because he is so awesome (but it was fun anyway~)

I had alot of fun reading as well, thanks ^^
and the one you recommended, grisclair's was great too!
pls let me know if you ever find anymore awesome sungmin's pimp posts :D


Thank you! I had a lot of fun doing this~

eh, random, but sungmin isn't 5'8". there's now way. i've seen him in real life - er, he's around the 5'7" mark, maybe a TAD TAD TAAAAAD shorter. he's the second shortest member, though. ryeowookie is just a tad shorter, not even an inch.


I just punched in the numbers from their official site and used a converter, but you're probably right.

I'm not particularly good with height (anyone above 5' 5" is tall to me since I'm about 5' 2" XD). I'll edit it in a moment, thank you!

oh uhh :D
my own personal fan account of Sungmin:
He's very quiet, and sticks close to his member. (aw <3) especially Kyuhyun, Eunhyuk & Shindong but that was sort of a given. He often goes on his tippy toes and stretches for no reason (WHICH I MIGHT ADD LOOKS REALLY CUTE because he's so short ;A;) and he also has the habit of sucking in his lower lip, puffing his cheeks and sticking his tongue out a little. which is adorable. he likes to grab onto people's arms (uhhh mostly kyu/hyuk/dongie as before) and follow them around (ESPECIALLY hyuk and kyu lmao, it's realllyyyy cuteeeeee ;a;)
he gets this annoyed look on his face when he's singled out from a group. D: poor min bb~
he seems awkward around siwon, leeteuk, kangin & geng. (as per usual, the two latters are ofc based off of when i saw them inside suju) but siwon and sungmin are touchy touchy, just... they don't really talk .____. just touch
(friends with benefits alalala)
but min is really touchy with kyu&hyuk, and holds hands with them often~<3 he likes to send little shy glances, which is cute. c: but he won't linger for a long time. he doesn't really talk a lot either - it's like, someone will whisper to him and he'll answer with a one word reply, lol.
and uhmmmm i have fan accounts from certain events/backstage if you need them ;___; -waves team kyumin flag-

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